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Our 3 Month European Adventure

12 countries in 83 days and lots of adventuring along the way! It’s been a bit of a blogging hiatus these last few months. Turns out traveling and writing at the same time is hard! Then when we got home from the trip it was straight into the Christmas silly season, quickly followed by welcoming a very beautiful (yet boisterous) Labrador puppy into our lives. So it's been a little hectic BUT I seem to be coming to the end of a very long and busy tunnel and I’m so excited to share some of the amazing experiences we had last year and all the delicious things we found along the way. Yay!

So to whet your appetite for what’s to come here’s some summary stats we put together and some of our favourite photos from our adventure....

Trip Stats

Time Away from Home: 83 days

Number of Countries Visited: 12 (not all covered in the photos below)

Number of Different Beds Slept In: 37 (+ one sleeper train + two overnight flights)

Number of Plane Trips: 16

Number of Train Trips: 6

Number of Cars Rented: 6

Number of Boats Boarded: 4 (including a pirate ship in Thessaloniki)

Number of Bicycles Ridden: 2 (including an e-bike in Meteora - these things are awesome!)

Number of Pools/Beaches/Hot-tubs swum in: 13 (including the highest and largest infinity pool in the world)

Number of Ancient World Wonders visited: 3

Countless once-in-a-lifetime activities including snorkelling in 2 degree water between two tectonic plates, hiking on a glacier, sleeping in a 15th century Spanish fortress, and watching a Greek play in an amphitheater overlooking the lights of Thessaloniki.








Details and more to come soon!!

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