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Helping you travel the world, dine out with freedom and navigate life - all deliciously gluten free.

About Me

Welcome to Consciously Gluten Free (or consciouslygf - much easier to type.) My name's Cindy and I'm passionate about travel, family and friends, food, and all-in-all good times. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease as an adult in my mid-thirties and was faced with an enormous amount of change to adjust to a very strict gluten free diet. You can read more about my diagnosis story here.

I have a spontaneous, adventurous and free spirited soul and having to be conscious of everything going in to my mouth for the rest of my life just seemed like hard work, and it can be. But I am determined to live life to it's adventurous and exploratory fullest and support the growing number of others on a gluten free diet to do the same.

This is me and my amazing husband, Shane (gluten free by association most of the time). He is my greatest support and a huge advocate for making the world easier to navigate for those on a gluten free diet. We both love to travel and have always got a trip somewhere in the works!

So welcome to Consciously Gluten Free - the place where I hope we can all discover delicious conscious gluten free freedom!


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